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Mind Gardens Pilsner (4-Pack)


  • Pilsner with Riwaka Hops from New Zealand
  • 5.2% ABV

Let your mind wander into a garden of flavors in a lager unlike any other we’ve made before. This crisp, hoppy pilsner is made with Riwaka hops, a newly exported breed from Clayton Farms in lovely New Zealand. The flavor contributions from this hop are reminiscent of those found in white wines hailing from the same region – ranging from pineapple, kaffir lime leaf, peach and Gewürztraminer grapes, to floral and peppery with a crisp minerality. Though brimming with complexity, its ultra clean fermentation and mild bready pilsner malt make it easy to drink, and a unique pilsner to enjoy in contrast to the European-influenced releases we’ve brewed thus far.