Private Labels at Radiant

Do you want custom beer labels for an upcoming event? We’ll handle the beer. You worry about the celebration.

Radiant Beer Co. is now offering custom-labeled beer for any occasion. Whether you’re graduating university, tying the knot, celebrating a big birthday, or have a special project at work, we can make sure your libations are on your level.

A young man holds a variety of private label cans in his arms

Beer Tiers

Choose the beers for your cheers!

Beer Pricing:

  • Lager: $108/case with a 10 case minimum (cases are 6×4-pack 16oz cans)
  • IPA: $120/case with a 10 case minimum (cases are 6×4-pack 16oz cans)

*NOTE: Specific product availability depends on our production schedule – we will work to match your product preference as best we can.

Label Tiers

Your beer needs a label!

Label Pricing:

  • “Don’t Worry About The Art”
    • You’ve got an artist in mind or can design the label yourself! We’ll just need an .ai file to finalize the label for our printer and put some legalese on it.
    • PRICE: $100
  • “I’ve Got An Idea!”
    • You know what you may want on the label but just want the extra push to get it ready to print on some delicious cans.
    • PRICE: $150
  • “Design It For Me!”
    • We got you. Give us an idea of what you’re celebrating and we’ll whip up a design that’s worthy of cracking open.
    • PRICE: $250

A private label example showing a wedding label

Technical Requirements

Let’s make sure your beer shines – follow along the dotted lines!

Dimensions: At least 300 PPI

If you plan on using a logo, text, or illustration for print, we recommend tracking down a vector (or high resolution) version of the artwork.

Color Mode: CMYK

You can convert your colors from RGB to CMYK (or vice versa) in most applications by simply changing the color mode.

Units: Inches

Designing with inches (instead of pixels) will help you in a few ways. First, it’ll help you figure out the exact dimensions of your print without having to do any math.


A bleed is anything being printed that extends beyond the cut lines. Bleeds are necessary whenever you want something to extend beyond the trim edge, leaving no white margin.

Outline Text:

it’s best to make sure any text used is converted to outlines. In Adobe Illustrator you can do this by selecting the text then selecting Type > Create Outlines.

Embedding Images: 

Embedding will ensure the file won’t try to find the linked image every time it’s opened. Without embedded images your photos/images can get lost or lose quality.

A private label example showing a graduation A private label example showing an anniversary

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