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What’s On Tap at Radiant Beer Co.

We look forward to your visit! Our taplist is updated regularly, though offerings can change quickly and without notice. Please call us before visiting if you’re looking for something specific: (714) 661-5790

We offer crowlers of some selections, but cannot crowler nitro beers, slushies, or soft serves. Check our SHOP page for beers available in cans to go.

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Little Planets

American Lager

American Lagers of days past linger around us like LITTLE PLANETS. It's difficult not to be attracted to the gravity of the giants that circled before; the colossal movements of our brewing forefathers. Fear not though, we won't fall too far out of orbit of the original "beer-flavored beer". At 4.5%, this classic American Lager isn't reinventing the solar wheel but rather bringing the ship back to earth. A clear, pale straw hue with retentive white foam hosts a light, crackery malt backbone with a dry, highly carbonated profile that lends well to the starry sprinkles of hop spice and hints of rice. Infinitely crushable like the pioneers before it, just brewed for the modern space age.


Cloud Illusions

German-style Pils

In between skies you can see CLOUD ILLUSIONS. What was then has floated into what is now. A 4.5% German-style Pilsner that rides the nearly transparent line between tradition and modernity, woven in the steam of Saphir and Spalt Select hops and German Pilsner malt. Fine vapors of herbal bergamot and black tea sustain honeysuckle and dried apricot. Balanced and floating are flavors of rustic bread and noble-hop derived alpine flowers and fresh black pepper. Well-carbonated, dry, and crispy; the ideal for cloud gazing.

NEW! 4.5%

Mambo Jambo

Smoothie Sour

This ain't juice - it's MAMBO JAMBO. A fruited smoothie sour in the spirit of our favorite shall-not-be-named smoothie shop off-menu item. Adjuncted with mango, pineapple, orange, and lime, this has the hallmarks of a white gummy bear in liquid form. Big all-inclusive tropical resort vibes with this one; somewhere between a dreamsicle and an island cooler with sweet creaminess from the mango and a nice acidic kiss from pineapple and citrus. It'll have you saying, "More Mambo Jambo!"


Cherish the Thought

Cherry Vanilla Hard Cola

A cola-inspired seltzer? Oh, we CHERISH THE THOUGHT. It's high time we went down the soda avenue, and what better choice than Cherry Cola. A beloved nostalgic liquid, now in seltzer form at Radiant. We utilized cola syrup, Montomerency cherries, and vanilla to yield a sweet, tangy, fizzy treat that shockingly evokes the famous 12oz can by a brand known across the world (but one that won't be named in this product description). Come enjoy a can - err - glass of draft-only Cherry Vanilla Hard Cola!


Rhapsody in Blue

Blue Hawaiian-inspried Hard Seltzer

It's Blue, da ba dee da ba di. Get an earful of this RHAPSODY IN BLUE, a 6.0% Blue Hawaiian-inspired Seltzer based off the cocktail of the same name. We took our seltzer base and added pineapple, coconut, orange zest, and blue spirulina to create a delicious (and blue) tropical beverage. You can sip it in the ocean, on a boat, or heck - even in our taproom!


Bubbly Lights

Aperol Spritz-inspired Wine Spritzer

Taste the shine of these BUBBLY LIGHTS. It's an Aperol Spritz-inspired Wine Spritzer, Radiant style. We fermented chardonnay grapes with bittering botanicals, citrus zest and a bit of hibiscus and added an absolutely illuminating level of carbonation for a spectacle of elegant effervescence. Bright orange flavor; a bit sweet; a hint bitter; a sparkling acclamation of the favorite aperitivo.


Blank Slate


A new year means a BLANK SLATE. Every year our house witbier gets a bit of a facelift, maintaining the same base recipe while adjusting the botanicals. For 2024, Blank Slate takes inspiration from a subtle Southeast Asian spin, blending the traditional wit spices of coriander and bitter orange peel with a few more citrus varities and hints of other regional botanicals like lemongrass, basil, ginger, and a few secret spices. We're getting the same lovely wit aromas and flavors as always; Belgian esters, light phenols, coriander and citrus taking center stage, but now with more of an herbaceous, floral character, and an ever-so-slight warming spice. Come try this tabula rasa today!

2024 EDITION 5.0%

River Gardens

Hoppy Pils

Take a stroll through the RIVER GARDENS. Enjoy a relaxing 5.1% New Zealand-centric Pilsner honed in on the friendly flora down under; Nelson Sauvin. A pleasant pale yellow pour bubbles up to retentive white foam with floating aromas of gooseberry and nectarine. Inviting flavors of melon, honeysuckle, and freshly baked bread emerge from each dip into the proverbial hoppy waters. Delicate, easy drinking, and highly carbed for your crushing pleasure.


Celebrate Anything

West Coast Pils

The perfect beer to CELEBRATE ANYTHING you say? We got you. Here's a 5.6% West Coast Pilsner brewed with Mosaic, Citra, Strata, and Motueka for a crisp, easy-drinking anytime beer - or you know, a good candidate to enjoy during a certain brewery's anniversary... Aromas of pink grapefruit, strawberry, papaya and a touch of dank pave the way for a zesty, tropical bill of mango, passionfruit, and kumquat. C'mon and celebrate!


Pride In Our Eyes


Love in our beer and PRIDE IN OUR EYES; that's the mantra for our suds. This latest IPA is 6.7% and utilizes the lovely ADHA 1631 experimental hop varietal, alongside tried and true Mosaic and Amarillo. The proud result is a golden-yellow body with lovely white foam. Gratifying aromas of citrus, white peach and tropical papaya hold the hands of accompanying grapefruit and kumquat flavor. Drink proudly.

NEW! 6.7%

We Are Gonna Be Friends

Hazy IPA

You like hazies? I can tell that WE ARE GONNA BE FRIENDS. This is a hazy, pineapple juice pour with handsome white foam that clocks in at 6.7%. Citra, Simcoe, and Cashmere hops collide in companionship to produce wonderful aromas of tangerine, jackfruit, and melon that precede flavors of papaya and guava with a friendly hint of lime peel. Enjoy medium carbonation and bitterness with a soft body - it's an easy-drinking hazy to gab over with a new friend!


Above Us, Only Sky

Hazy IPA

Take a look! ABOVE US, ONLY SKY. It's a heck of a sight to enjoy this new 6.9% Hazy IPA under - chock full of fluffy tropical flavor from a medley of Citra, Riwaka, Motueka, Cashmere, and Idaho 7 hops. It's a pale hazy yellow pineapple juice scene with big aromas of mango and pineapple, and clouds of juicyfruit, guava, and ripe strawberry flavor with a touch of citrus zestiness. Look above - drink below.

NEW! 6.9%

Secrets Are Delicious


There's one thing we've learned in our years of brewing West Coast IPAs; SECRETS ARE DELICIOUS. This latest westie highlights Mosaic YCH 701 Trial alongside Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra, and Amarillo hops for a 7.0% report of confidential citrus and clandestine tropical goodness. A clear golden hue with retentive white foam quietly summons aromas of tangelo and mango. Flavors of grapefruit and guava burst out of hiding with a weighty hop mouthfeel and medium bitterness. Don't tell anyone but - this thing's secretly delicious!


For Anyone Asking


This is a brand spankin' new Hazy IPA (FOR ANYONE ASKING). Laden with Nelson, Citra, Motueka, and Cashmere, the tropical vibes are off the charts (for anyone asking). There's aromas of passionfruit, guava, mango, and gooseberry with even more bursts of tropical flavors of passionfruit and guava on the palate. It's a juicy, pillowy mouthfeel, creamy carbonation beverage that's remarkably easy-drinking - you know - for anyone asking.

NEW! 7.0%

Reflections of the Sun

West Coast IPA

It's OK to stare into REFLECTIONS OF THE SUN. Citra, HBC 586, Simcoe, and Cashmere shed light onto this West Coast IPA. Look through the clear, yellow hue and see the carbonation in each mirrored bubble. Pops of tropical treats and stone fruit shine from the glass with aromatic intent and echos of nectarine, papaya, and mango. The final flavors flicker bright citrus notes of tangerine zest and grapefruit. Let's reflect with another sip.

NEW! 7.3%

Real Hop Wives of Orange County: Strata

Single Hop IPA

On the fourth episode of THE REAL HOP WIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY, we sink into the sultry swagger of the seductive sultana... Strata. She's a fan favorite, a crowd pleaser, and to no one's surprise, a scene stealer. This scream queen sings the soft, sweet tones of strawberry but don't be fooled - she's perfected the pleasant pitch of passionfruit. And make sure not to let your attention wander, or prepare to bear the bites of gregarious grapefruit and guava as she demands your ears. Any additional arias tend to fall victim to the sirens of sinfully short-lived dankness. Until the next episode...


Whoa Colors


Taste the rainbow of flavors derived from Simcoe, Mosaic, and Citra hops in this aromatic, dry, and ever so bright IPA. It's hard not to think... WHOA COLORS. Mounds of melon character come through in the aroma as cantaloupe and soft fruits like papaya, peach, and kiwi meld with tangerine and white strawberry. These qualities follow through as each easy sip drenches your palate in its full spectrum of flavors.


Dichroic Effect


Hold our newest Hazy DIPA to the light and witness the DICHROIC EFFECT. A hop kaleidoscope of Citra, Nelson, Motueka, Cashmere, and Idaho 7 bursts out a vast array of crazy juicy flavor. A cascade of aromas like fresh pineapple juice, mango, and guava precede the slightest dank notes before blazing onto the palate with even more creamy mango and guava. It's beautiful liquid gold - from any angle.

NEW! 8.5%

Guilded Together

West Coast DIPA

The bond between Orange County breweries has always been GUILDED TOGETHER. This collaborative effort celebrates the camraderie of our neighbors and friends that make this craft community shine. Our take is a West Coast DIPA brewed with the blend of Citra, Mosaic, Strata, and Loral Cryo. There's punchy aromas of pineapple, tangerine, and fruit punch and lovely flavors of guava, grapefruit, and melon. Medium bitterness with a touch of alcohol heat that adds to a substantial body. Let's drink this... together!

NEW! 9.3%

Eventually Maybe


Will we ever make a true-to-style Schwarzbier? EVENTUALLY MAYBE. This classic German style is a bit of a conundrum; the look of a darker ale with the hint of a lighter lager. Less of a light porter and more of a black pils, this is a lovingly-crafted, cola-hued, tan foam-laden winter beer dream. Brimming with bready notes of pumpernickel and chocolate wafer, it's balanced with the floral and spice characteristic of Noble hops. Wait no longer; this 4.6% dry and hoppy homage is finally ready to head home.

NEW! 4.6%

S’more Blanket

Pastry Stout

We heard the stories round the fire loud and clear: you wanted S’MORE BLANKET. So we called our friends at Firestone Walker: Propagator back to camp to revisit our beloved pastry stout collab Camp Blanket with one condition: let’s add MORE graham cracker, MORE marshmallow, MORE chocolate and… some more blanket. This redux features notes of intense milk chocolate and light grahamy goodness, all rounded out with creamy marshmallow and vanilla. It’s a cold, liquid s’more in a can; the story you can drink.

COLLAB! 9.0%

Radiant Sauv Blanc

Wine - Sauvignon Blanc

We just added a new Sauvignon Blanc onto our draft list, made in collaboration with our friends at @groundworkwineco in Paso Robles.
Enjoy tropical and citrusy aromas with passion fruit and guava thiols balanced by lime zest, white grapefruit, citrus blossoms, and a bit of white peach. Lively flavors of granny smith apples, grapefruit, lime, and a touch of lemongrass are balanced with a clean and lively finish.
It’s easy drinking, bright, and the perfect goodbye to winter as we roll into some beautiful spring drinking weather.


Radiant Potrero Field Red Blend

Wine - Red Blend

Seeing red ain’t always bad! The newest wine on our roster, Radiant Potrero Field Red Blend, was produced in collaboration with our friends at @sansliege. This blend of Zinfandel, Mataro, Syrah, and Counoise is a bright, jammy vino with earthy aromas of cigar humidor, brambles, and pipe tobacco and medium tannins, baking spices, and blackberry on the palate.