What’s On Tap at Radiant Beer Co.

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Can Down By The River

American Lager

A new American Lager? Well La-Di-Frickin'-Dah! Welcome back CAN DOWN BY THE RIVER, our beloved 4.3% crispy boi. Brewed with a bit of rice and Saaz hops, this is meant to be ultra pale, very clean, lagered to perfection, and highly carbonated. Beyond enjoying its high crushability, you may be moved to appreciate its delicate notes of hay, grass, lime, and floral hops. Brewed for all the motiviational speakers out there.


The Perfect Moment – Helles Lager

Helles Lager

How do you celebrate THE PERFECT MOMENT? We prefer a thoughtful beverage on the lighter side; perhaps a 4.6% Helles Lager. This Helles was constructed with Barke Pils, Saphir, and Tettnang for a noble attempt at perfection. A crystal-clear, straw-yellow pour unfolds with retentive white foam and light floral aromas, chased with light crackery dough and a subtle mineral perfume. Flavors of bread, light lemon, and bergamot with a slight grassy, herbal undertone. An instance of bitterness and a pint's worth of quaffability. Ahh.... perfect.


Time is a River

American Lager

As we float along the waters of this wide world of beer, one thing becomes clear: TIME IS A RIVER. And while history may not repeat itself, beer releases sometimes do, as is the case with our take on the oft-innovated American Lager. This malt bill combines both North American and German Pilsner malts, with some rice to crisp it up. Then, we threw in some Saphir hops for good measure and just a touch of hoppy kick. The result is a completely clear, pale straw hue with brisk carbonation, notes of cracker and lemon peel, and a delightfully grassy finish. Let's see where this river carries us...


Pilsner Supernova

Euro-style Pils

It was a PILSNER SUPERNOVA in the sky that inspired us to create the longest-lagered beer we've ever brewed. A truly continental-style pils, this quite literally long-awaited beer utilized a blend of both French and German Pilsner malts to accompany the similarly global Czech Saaz, French Strisselspalt, and German Saphir hops. Hitting just shy of 11 weeks as opposed to our usual 6, this lager exhibits a firm, balanced bitterness, a snappy mouth feel, dry profile, and crisp carbonation. Aromas of black tea, subtle citrus, and grass are backed with some crackery malt notes. Floral Euro-hop spiciness leads on the flavor end with a clean malt character of baked bread that balances this smooth-drinking pils. Some supernovas are worth the wait...


Essential Qualities – Czech-style Pils

Czech-style Pils

When creating a Czech-style Pils, you can't miss out on those ESSENTIAL QUALITIES. The characteristics of a Euro-lager that sing with personality from abroad. This 5% style homage makes use of floor-malted Czech Pils Malt alongside Saaz & Kazbek hops to best emulate the ultimate Světlé Speciální Pivo. A highly drinkable, full bodied lager with high carbonation that oscillates between toasty cracker and floral, herbal Czech hop influence. An assertive bitterness balances toasty malt and herbal, grassy character, with final lingering notes of white flowers. Come taste the essentials.

NEW! 5.0%

International Amore

Italian-style Pilsner

You could say we've got some INTERNATIONAL AMORE toward Italian-style pilsners. A crush on the crystal clear, highly carbonated, and ever-so drinkable crisp style. Our foray with amore delves into hop-forward aromatics of black tea, bergamot, thyme, and pils malt with a very dry, mildly herbal drinking experience that we’ve fallen in love with. Dive into this affair with a bellísimo beer!


Blank Slate


A new year means a BLANK SLATE. Every year our house witbier gets a bit of a facelift, maintaining the same base recipe while adjusting the botanicals. For 2024, Blank Slate takes inspiration from a subtle Southeast Asian spin, blending the traditional wit spices of coriander and bitter orange peel with a few more citrus varities and hints of other regional botanicals like lemongrass, basil, ginger, and a few secret spices. We're getting the same lovely wit aromas and flavors as always; Belgian esters, light phenols, coriander and citrus taking center stage, but now with more of an herbaceous, floral character, and an ever-so-slight warming spice. Come try this tabula rasa today!

NEW! 2024 EDITION 5.0%

So Excidered

Apple Cider

We are SO EXCIDERED to continue this foray into the world of fruit fermentation! As we expand our libations library, we plan to continue to explore various styles, methods, and techniques of fermentation, lending our deep, meticulous passion for beer into the world of cider. This second batch delves into a more traditional method of apple cider fermentation utilizing nothing other than apple juice and yeast under cold temperatures and a low-and-slow ferment. So Excidered taps into a blend of McIntosh and Northern Spy apple varieties and just a hint of Dabinett with an emphasis on capturing every bit of yeast character we could. The result is a 6.9% dry, slightly rustic draft cider that pours a light gold with a modest haze. Aromas are delicate and floral, weaving through ripe apples and citrus blossoms amongst a forest floor. Dry and acidic flavors with a touch of tannins flirt on the precipice of a Belgian-esque citrus and coriander twist but ultimately perch on a pome palate with wonderful high carbonation and a thirst-quenching finish.


Love All Around Us

Cherry Pie-inspired Sour

It may still be winter, but we're filled with warmth as we see LOVE ALL AROUND US. This hefty Cherry Pie-inspired Sour Ale features a blend of Montmorency and Balaton Tart Cherries, Graham Cracker, and Vanilla, striking the perfect balance between sweet and tart. We hope you love it as much as we do!


After School Cool

Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly-inspired Hard Seltzer

Remember that feeling of AFTER SCHOOL COOL? Well kids, we're bringing it back. Rip into a glass of liquid nostalgia, a hefty seltzer conditioned with peanuts and concord grape for a distinctly-unique and shockingly-delicious beverage. Notes of toasty, savory peanuts and sweet grape flavor with just a hint of sour and salt - to put it more clearly, it's a sippable uncrustable that gets an A+ on every report card.


Celebrate Anything – West Coast Pils

West Coast Pils

The perfect beer to CELEBRATE ANYTHING you say? We got you. Here's a 5.6% West Coast Pilsner brewed with Mosaic, Citra, Strata, and Motueka for a crisp, easy-drinking anytime beer - or you know, a good candidate to enjoy during a certain brewery's anniversary... Aromas of pink grapefruit, strawberry, papaya and a touch of dank pave the way for a zesty, tropical bill of mango, passionfruit, and kumquat. C'mon and celebrate!


Intrinsic Lights – West Coast IPA

West Coast IPA

Radiant logged in with team Bottle Logic to shine some INTRINSIC LIGHTS for all the Orange County players. We’ve been traversing the map of extrinsic sights with the BL crew since before they opened, so logically this co-op level culminates in the big boss: the perfect West Coast IPA. Powered up with Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe, Strata, and Amarillo, this 6.8% westie amplifies the palette with fruity hop flavors of melon, passionfruit and guava and high drinkability. Boss down; glasses up!


Works For Me – Hazy IPA

Hazy IPA

A new pillowy hazy? WORKS FOR ME. This 6.8% juicy IPA is chock fulla Nelson, Strata, Mosaic, and Cashmere hops for all your fresh hazy needs. A pale pineapple pour erupts with aromas of all sortsa peaches; fresh yellow and white peaches and gummy peach rings. There's fresh dole pineapple juice and mango with a hint of kaffir lime and an immensely juicy, low bitterness that lets further tropical guava and strawberry absolutely pop!

NEW! 6.8%

Functioning Automatic

West Coast IPA

Radiant-Ism: A Belief In Sending Out Light With Friends. We teamed up with Ian McCall to celebrate his new venture, Ism Brewing. Given Ian’s deep SoCal brewing roots, the logical choice was to whip up a West Coast IPA. Introducing FUNCTIONING AUTOMATIC, a 6.8% westie inspired by the beers that exist deep in the circuits of our hop-head motherboards. We brewed with Mosaic, Chinook, Simcoe, HBC 586, and (a Radiant first) Manilita Hops from Freestyle. There’s pleasant flavors of guava, mango, and green strawberry with a lovely medium-bitterness and dry finish. It’s Beep-Boop-Beautiful!


Make the Leap – West Coast IPA

West Coast IPA

MAKE THE LEAP between continents for the ultimate West Coast IPA. We blended Mosaic, Simcoe, and Idaho 7 with some beautiful Riwaka from Clayton Hops for wonderfully aromatic notes of tangerine, mango, and freshly cut grass. Jump into this pleasant, pale-yellow pour that bursts with flavors of pineapple, white grapefruit, and lingering notes of guava with a medium-bitterness and dry profile. Leap to it!

NEW! 7.1%

Lovers of the Incredible


We are lovers of radiance. Lovers of fine ingredients. Lovers of everything craft. And as the vinyl gracing the wall of our taproom would propose... LOVERS OF THE INCREDIBLE. And thus, we revisit this IPA that we lovingly brewed with the incredible classic West Coast hops Simcoe, Citra, and Amarillo. What follows is a beautifully clear, golden hue that exudes aromas of grapefruit, strawberry, and pine and slightly bitter flavors of tangerine and dank resin.


So It Flows

West Coast IPA

As the age-old adage describes... SO IT FLOWS. We designed this beer to trial Yakima Chief Hops' entry into the advanced hop product space with their first flowable, YCH Citra 702. We rounded out this 7.3% West Coast IPA with Strata, Simcoe, and even more Citra hops. Wonderful aromas of mango, papaya, and peach swirl past citrus-forward flavors of tangerine and grapefruit with just a hint of a piney finish. A dry, well carbonated body and a medium bitterness round out a classic west coast IPA with one heck of a flowy twist.


DDH So Into You


It's a holiday gift from us, to us: Introducing DDH SO INTO YOU. We took our GABF award-winning Hazy IPA and double dry-hopped it with the same killer trio of Citra, Mosaic, and Cashmere hops. Enjoy an ever-so-slightly bumped ABV at 7.3% and even more elevated notes of citrus and stonefruit. There's still a Citra-dominant balance of tangerine and ruby red grapefruit but the lovely touches of white peach and lemongrass meld beautifully with even bigger flavors of tropical papaya, pineapple, and mango derived from a good backing of Mosaic and an accent of Cashmere. It's the same great hazy with even more flavor and aroma popping from the first sip. Merry belated - we can't wait for you all to open this gift.


Bright Light City


This beer looks quite pretty in any BRIGHT LIGHT CITY. Inspired by the most elegant lot of Chinook we've ever laid our noses on at Indie Hops in Portland, Oregon, this 7.3% IPA absolutely shines with astounding aromas of fresh pineapple. Backed with Mosaic, Strata, and Cashmere hops, additional scents of lime zest, guava, and tangerine push the bouquet of aroma into the verge of tiki territory. It's easy-drinking with a dry profile, medium-bitterness, lovely flavors of light pine, kumquat, tangerine, and even more bright pineapple on the palate. Join in on the surprise and take a detour into Bright Light City.


All The Things We’ve Done: Year 3

West Coast TIPA

As we head into our fourth journey around the sun, it's hard not to think about ALL THE THINGS WE'VE DONE (year 3). Brewed to celebrate our third anniversary, our staff collaborated to produce this love letter to Radiant. A Double Dry-Hopped Triple IPA clocking in at 10.7%, this is a sneaky beer with an array of flavors as vast as our experiences over the last twelve months. Big hoppy citrus and tropical fruit aromatics, weaving through pineapple, tangerine, and melon give way to bold notes of even more tropical fruit. Perfectly balanced bitterness and just a kiss of alcohol heat. The perfect third anniversary beer.


Coconut Blanket – Pastry Stout

Pastry Stout

S'MORE BLANKET variant w/ Coconut


Coffee Blanket – Pastry Stout

Pastry Stout

S'MORE BLANKET variant w/ Coffee from Cool Roast Curves


Midnight Coverts

Stout & Barleywine Aged in Bourbon & Rye Whiskey Barrels

We flew through the sky of possibility in an aura of stealth, shrouded by our MIDNIGHT COVERTS. Along the way, we spotted an avian partner in crime in Horus Aged Ales, the originator of the ornithological opus. Imbued with flight anew, we dove from the aeries of ideas with one principle; create a barrel-aged endeavor worthy of two friends in formation. Grounded by a historic collection of aged liquids, a blend of 3 barrels were chosen; an Imperial Stout aged for 35 months in Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye Whiskey Barrels; a Barley Wine aged for 31 months in Elijah Craig 8yr Bourbon Barrels; and a Maple Wine Aged for 24 months in Russell's Reserve 10yr Bourbon Barrels. The beautiful blend, inspired by birds of a feather, yielded a 14.5% hybrid style worthy of the most winning wyverns. Pouring a cola brown hue with a hint of tan foam and alcohol legs, the first flutters of fine barrel character ascend from the surface, skittering the rich waters of milk chocolate and brandy soaked figs, finally landing upon deep oak barrel notes and precise plumes of port. The initial fill of our bills reveal deep treacle with dark fruit and dates before migrating to the back palate where plumes of plush continue to preen before black walnut bitters prune the last lifts of maple. This may be one of our finest flights thus far; will you join the flock?

COLLAB! 14.5%

The Choices We Made – Double Barrel Barleywine

Double Barrel Barleywine

Every barrel we've ever touched has the markings of THE CHOICES WE MADE. And that goes doubly so for this latest oak origination, a Double-Barrel-aged Barleywine that grazes the outer limits of any imprint thus far with an 18.3% ABV. Aged for 23 months in W.L. Weller 7yr Bourbon barrels before being transferred to Heaven Hill Heritage Collection 19yr Bourbon Barrels for an additional 11 months, this Barleywine has witnessed the odyssey of time. Upon opening, you're greeted with aromas of whiskey, rich toffee, treacle, and marzipan that echo out further dark fruit when the deep bronze pour enters the glass. The gargantuan ABV is only barely sensed; instead, flavors of chocolate covered luxardo cherries and lightly caramelized flan take precedent before a final lingering presence of vanilla and brown sugar. Rich, decadent, mouthcoating, and reveling in the elegant notes of a well-worn journey.


Radiant Rosé

Grenache Rosé

In collaboration with Groundwork // Paso Robles


Radiant Red Blend

Chilled Red Blend

Chilled Red Blend

Collaboration with Sans Liege

Counoise Grenache Red Blend

SLO Coast